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Lord Sriman Narayana is the source for all four Veda ( Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharava). Each of the four Veda pay Ode to the Creator in Narayanopanishad, Each onne Veda describes an aspect of Supreme power Sriman Narayana (Narayana)

Rig Veda says

All things and beings emerged from Narayana. Everything is Sustained by Narayana. Everything ultimately merges in Narayana. All creations are as per His Will.

Yajur Veda says 

Narayanais eternal Pricilple. Brahma, Siva, Indra, Earth, Heaven, Time, Directions, Upper and Lower, Inner and outer  worlds Are Narayana.  Everything is a manifestation of Narayana.  There  is nothing which is not Narayana. Narayana is blemish less, ever blissful and non-dual. Narayana is Supreme self. and one without any Second. Narayana Pervades the entire Universe. 

Sama Veda says

Dwells on the significance of Ashtakshari( 8 syllables)  Manthra " Om Namo Narayana". This is king among manthras'. Those who chant this manthra with sincere faith and devotion( After learning from an acharya) will attain  good health, long life and prosperity and attain the status of Prajapati. Ultimately they stand to gain the state of Narayana Himself

Atharva Veda says

Narayana is Parabrahma. His seat is the lotus of Heart. Knowledge of this Parabrahma is the Highest wisdom. Aum, the Pranava Manthra is the life principle. Those who adore " Om Namo Narayana"manthra will attain the supreme abode of Vaikunda. Sri Krishna is adored as Madhusudhan, resides in all beings. He is the cause of everything.

Benefits of Chanting

Morning Chanting destroys the sins of previous night
Evening Chanting destroys the sins committed during the day.
Chanting at noon pulverizes five great sins
One who chants regularly gets the merit of of study entire veda and oneness with Narayana.

( Reference  Veda Pushpanchali Book)

Video Presentation of  Narayanopanishad.