Friday, February 27, 2015



Raghothamashtakam is stothram narrating the glory of Lord Rama who comes from Raghu Kulam ( Clan)  and He is the most Uththama of that Raghu Kulam.

The Stotram Glorifies Lord Rama as one

  • Who is worshiped by Devas
  • Who vanquished the demons obstructing Vishwamitra's Yagna
  • Who Broke the Siva Dhaush( Bow)
  • Who obeyed father's commands
  • Who spent 14 years in forest carrying Bow and arrow
  • Who shot Mareecha who came in the form of the golden deer 
  • Who performed Jatayu's last rites and gave him Moksham
  • Who became friendly with Vanaras and built a bridge to croo the ocean to fight Ravana
  • Who was ruled Ayodhya and gave protection from enemies
  • Who was like Sun that removes the darkness
  • Who made Devas and his relations happy
  • Who was a gem of the Raghu Clan.

Here is a presentation on Raghothamashtakam