Friday, December 19, 2014

Mayanai Mannu

    Mayanai Mannu Vada Mathurai Mainthanai
மாயனை மன்னு வடமதுரை மைந்தனைத்
As Lord Rama’s cornation time, fixed by knowledgeable Rishi Vasishta met with obstacles, a Gopika raises doubts on  how they are going to complete the 30 day Nonbu without any obstacles. Andal  in this pasuram says if the Gopikas worship Lord Krishna  with physical and mental purity and offer fresh flowers and sing His glory, the effect of past and current sins that create the obstacles to the nonbu, would vanish like a straw in fire. 

She addresses Lord Krishna as Maayon ( performer of many leelas), identifies him  as resident of his chosen place Mathura, and who was associated with river yamuna since birth, the star born to make the Aayaar kulam to shine, Damaodara( bound in waist by a rope) and who brought fame to mother yashodha.  

Andal  says if  Gopikas reach out to Lord Krishna with loud singing and at the same time contemplating on him alone, their troubles would vanish. In this pasuram Andal’s focus is on Lord Krishana in Vibhava Avatar.