Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thiruevvul Sri Veera Raghavan Divya Desam 59

Thiruevvul Sri Veera Raghavan (Divya Desam 59)

Adiyen had the oppotunity to visit Sri Veera Ragahava Swami Temple in Thiruvallur a few times over the years whenever I visited India. This is the 59th of thte 108 Divya Desams. Sri  Veeraraghava perumal is the moolavar or the presiding deity. in Bhujanaga Sayana (reclining on Adhisesha) position.  Moolavar is seen to be blessing  Salihothra Munivar's head with his right hand while the left hand is engaged  in imparting four Vedas to Brahama. This temple tank (Pushkarini) is very sacred and has  relieved Lord Shiva from Brahmahaththi Dosham. A visit to the temple on Amavasya day is considered very auspicious.  All the sacred rivers merge is this tank on Thai Amavasya day to get rid of all evil effects and sins passed on to them. This Lord is said to Vaidhyanatha and cures incurable diseases.

Here is a song on this Lord Veera Ragahva and the temple.