Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sri Mattapalli Mangalashtakam

Sri Mattapalli Mangalashtakam

On the banks of River Krishna, there are five Narsimha Kshetrams(Panchanarasimhar) split betwwen Telengana and Andrha Pradesh. The five temples are located in VedadriVadapalliMattapalli,  Mangalagiri, Ketavaram. 

In Mattaplli Kshtram, the Moolavar is Sri Yoganandha Lakshmi Narasihmar and Thayar is Rajya Lakshmi. 

The Lord of this Khetram is believed to cure diseses if one spends 11 days and nights and performs 32 pradakshinams' three times a day with wet clothes after taking bath in Krishna river, chanting Manthraraja pada  Stothram ( You can see the video of Sri Manthraraja Pada stotram by clicking the link

This stothram is expected to be chanted walking slowly step by step and not rushing through, 

Bhardwaja Maharishi accoompanied by other sages had worshipped at this Kshetram.

The Lord is located in a cave, facing West accompanied by His consort Rajya  Lakshmi.

Late Sri Mukkur Lakshminarasimhachariar had  performed many yagnas has composed Sri Mattaplli Ashtakam which is presented in the form of a video.